Irish Photo Rally is an annual motorcycling event which takes place all over the island of Ireland. Participants take photographs of their motorcycle at a number of predetermined landmarks or locations. Different badges are awarded to participants, depending on the number of points they have visited (12 minimum).


The purpose of Irish Photo Rally is to encourage motorcyclists, at home and abroad, to ride their motorcycle(s) all over the island of Ireland and to visit places that they may not otherwise go to. We also give awards for entries worthy of praise or jest.


Irish Photo Rally generally runs from the start of February to the start of November each year. The deadline for Irish Photo Rally 2023 has passed (Nov 1, 2023) however, we will be releasing a new list in February.


The list of points for 2023, as well as a downloadable GPX file are available on the map page. The lists from previous years can also be viewed.


Taking part in Irish Photo Rally is as simple as visiting the points and taking a photograph of your motorcycle there, then submitting an entry with the points you have visited (12 minimum). There is no need to register in advance. If you wish to include a pillion in your entry, (s)he must be visible in the photos.

For more information, see the About The Rally page.

BMW Club Ulster Section Photographic Rally

The BMW Club Ulster Section run a photographic rally which is a sister event of the Irish Photo Rally. The Ulster Section event consists of the six Irish Photo Rally points in Ulster, plus three additional ones. Details of their event can be found on their website.

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